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Omega Replica
It's interesting to compare the lot 200 and the production watch. The production watch has been rotated 180 degrees in comparison to the prototype. It also features the tourbillon on top of the dial and the pendulum below. This is both aesthetically pleasing as well as giving prominence to the tourbillon which was the key feature. The watch is not marked Omega Replica. In fact, it is completely blank. Instead of a name, a shield is applied where the brand name would be. The observant viewer can recognize the Ebauches SA Logo - Omega Replica's former employer, which is now called ETA.

Georges Golay was the man in charge of Omega Replica at this time. The watchmaker launched the Omega Replica ref. 1972 under his direction. The first was the 5548 Perpetual calendar, and later the 5402. Omega Replica brought their self-winding prototype to Omega Replica against this background.

Golay, in turn, handed the knowledge to Serge Meylan. A young movement builder who had just joined the workshop, Meylan was a newcomer. He was given the task of taking Beyner's and Grimm's prototype to create a timepiece that the watchmaker can call their own.

Meylan, a young watchmaker from France, took on a challenge to create one of the smallest tourbillons in the world (7.2mm). He added a titanium cage as he wanted it to be stable and lightweight. This was another world first for the use of titanium in watchmaking.

Golay, in order to give the watch its face, turned once again to the woman who designed the dial of the 5548: Jacqueline Dimier. The Omega Replica 20th century Complicated Watches book records, "...Jacqueline dimier took inspiration from an astronomical portofino replica The tourbillon at 11 o'clock was a representation of the sun, whose rays decorated the elliptical clock dial punctuated with 12 circular hour markers like planets. The self-winding mechanism was revealed through a half-moon shaped opening at 6 o'clock. Its oscillation was similar to the large balance wheels on historical clocks. The crown for setting the time was hidden under the case to maintain a clean, simple design.