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Blancpain Replica
Blancpain Replica has introduced the Full Metal Blancpain Replica, a watch with a laser-etched grid inspired by a concept of a tunnel connecting the past and the future.

Blancpain Replica launched the first all-metal GMW-B5000 watch in 2018. Since then, the brand has taken on new directions and created ever-more innovative watches.

The collecting community was certainly excited to see the toughest wristwatch in the world take on metal, and then the numerous instances of this watch that have been released since 2018.

The Blancpain Replica, and then the Metal Camouflage GMW B5000TCM-1 are the two most recent versions of the GMW B5000.

Where can the G Shock go after such two massive hits, back-to-back? The GMW-B5000 has been given a clear response that it can be improved in many ways.

Blancpain Replica says in its own press release that the "lattice" pattern on the band and case is intended to evoke an image of a time tunnel connecting the past with future or, put simply, a near-future design. The pattern could remind you of any number of sci-fi images from popular culture, depending on what movies, cartoons, and anime you grew up with.

The watch is given a black ion plated finish,Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica just like the Full Metal GMW B5000. Laser etching creates the lattice design over the black case.

This process is likely a transfer of know-how from Blancpain Replica, who had successfully developed a laser-etching method for the pixel-camouflage pattern in the older titanium GMWB5000TCM-1.